Wholesale Plumbing Supplies
wholesale plumbing

In 1921 Sam Blackman opened a small plumbing supply shop in New York City with the promise of offering the best fixtures supply for the best prices. Today, Blackman has grown into one of New York City's largest family-owned and managed provider of wholesale HVAC and plumbing supplies including: Plumbing Heating Industrial Waterworks Air Conditioning With 22 fully-stocked branches and showrooms located throughout the metropolitan New York area, Blackman has become a convenient, reliable resource for today's New York City building and remodeling professionals.

Why Blackman?

As a qualified tradesman you have worked hard to build a strong reputation to help your business thrive. Blackman understands the dedication, hard work, and sacrifice that it takes to keep a business strong, and we go out of our way to help you be successful. As a wholesale provider, Blackman can save you money on all the fixtures and supplies you need to get any plumbing or HVAC job off the ground. The right quote will always land the job, and our wholesale plumbing prices make it possible for you offer the right quote.

Blackman Wholesale Supplies

Blackman is New York City's single source for wholesale residential and commercial plumbing fixtures and air conditioning supply needs. Whether you are looking for wholesale plumbing fixtures and supplies or a top of the line air conditioning fixture, we can help you find what you are looking for at wholesale prices. Blackman is perhaps best known for our extensive inventory of plumbing fixtures including sinks, faucets, tubs, whirlpools, showers and other plumbing fixtures and accessories for the kitchen and bath. Blackman also features a full inventory of wholesale air conditioning fixtures including both residential and commercial air conditioning units. Our team of air conditioning professionals can help you with specifying, estimating, and the installation of any air conditioning HVAC fixtures.

Blackman Advantage

Blackman is fully committed to plumbing and HVAC supply and over the years we have made several improvements to provide our customers with many advantages. Our billing services allow us to generate the type of invoicing you need to keep your cash flow moving. Our inventory control capability enables us to track fixtures and supplies from the branch directly to your job site. Call today!