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Design Your Custom Shower at Blackman

Designer showers are a luxurious retreat you can look forward to at the beginning and end of each day. Visit a Blackman showroom to find what you're looking for, from performance showers that have multiple showerheads, sprays, and waterproof speakers, to stunning designer showers built with glass and stone.

Imagine stepping into your new luxurious custom shower. Surround yourself with the opulence and elegance you deserve. Our expert designers will guide you through our extensive custom showering selection, helping you choose the perfect shower for your bathroom – one that’s light years ahead of the standard.

Parts of a Custom Shower

There are many different ways you can design a custom shower. The experts at Blackman will show you the options or work with an interior designer and/or contractor if you choose.

Imagine a custom tile design with Century Glass walls and multiple body sprays, showerheads, and handshowers or a steam shower with opulent seating. Whatever your need, a Blackman expert designer can reveal how it's done. When you build a custom shower at Blackman, you get luxury and designer options, such as:

  • Shower towers that have body sprays and showerheads in one easy-to-control panel
  • Steam showers with a built-in bench for relaxing
  • Your choice of materials for the walls including stone, glass or ceramic
  • Technology that allows you to stream music right from your Smartphone
  • Placement of various sizes and styles of showerheads and sprays, including rain showerheads or multi-functional heads with pulsing or vibrating sprays
  • A state-of-the-art, digitally controlled shower that allows for programmable users and experiences

Build a Designer Shower

Whether you opt for the custom route or select a luxury multi-piece unit like the ones built by Maax, Blackman has plenty of designer options. When you pay a visit to one of our stress-free showrooms, you’ll sit one-on-one with a design consultant who can help you sort through the many choices. We can assist you with selecting a shower that’s the perfect size and shape for your space and even create a custom finish for your shower door.

For small scale bathroom remodels or a total renovation, stop in to a Blackman showroom today and choose your luxury shower. We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to create a spa right inside your home.