Bathrooms are no longer considered strictly utilitarian spaces. Today's designs focus on a blend of form and function to meet your daily needs and still be pleasing to the eye. If you're considering a new bathroom, make your first stop Blackman. Our vast expertise and luxury selection of faucets, baths, showers, tile, lighting and more will make your bathroom remodeling a breeze.

Bathroom Remodeling at Blackman

While some remodels are fairly cookie-cutter, bathroom remodeling at Blackman is personal. We are able to replicate the lavish bathrooms you've seen on vacation or even one from a bygone era. Bring in a photo from a magazine and enjoy a one-on-one consultation with a personal designer. Customize your plans in a stress-free atmosphere, surrounded by the best brands and latest products to suit any taste and budget.

We'll help you find the perfect pieces for your new designer bathroom, such as:

  • Materials: Bathrooms must withstand moisture, detergents and cleaners. Floors should be non-slip for optimal safety. Choose from quality goods such as natural stone, polished or matte metals, glass, ceramic, and various rich woods.
  • Storage: Whether it’s an ample master bath or smaller powder room, storage should work well within the allotted space. Store important items in wall baskets, niches in the shower, medicine cabinets, linen towers, vanity cabinets and more.
  • Fixtures: Blackman carries a full line of fixtures including jetted tubs, air baths, steam shower units, bidets, lighting, towel warmers and more. Enjoy tech savvy fixtures such as Kohler's Numi smart toilet or a DTV shower that allows you to stream music from your Smartphone.
  • Faucets and Accessories: Faucets can be mounted on the sink, countertop or even on the wall to enable proper spout height and reach. Varying flow rates can accommodate any personal preference. Choose from various finishes, including: finished that are impervious and easy to maintain; "living" finishes that reflect a more authentic look and change over time; polished chrome; genuine gold and beyond. Some of our faucets are works of art with actual crystal handles. Blackman carries faucets created by renowned designers such as Michael Smith, Barbara Barry, Bill Soffield, Laura Kirar, Paul Flowers and more.
  • Style: Function dictates form in the bathroom, but that doesn't mean style should be discarded. The look of the room has a big impact on how the space is perceived. Tile can produce almost endless designs, and Blackman has an extensive range of styles and top brands to choose from.

A Personal Process

Enjoy a spa-like retreat each time you step foot inside your new bathroom. While some renovations are strictly for improved appearance, bathroom remodeling depends largely on function and your personal interaction within the space. Contact the designer bathroom experts at Blackman to get started today.