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Accessorize Your Kitchen and Bathroom at Blackman

Once your kitchen or bathroom are finished, it’s pivotal to complete the overall look with fine accents and accessories. Kitchen accessories, such as protective cutting and drain boards, will enhance your kitchen design and heighten its functionality. Blackman has a comprehensive line of bathroom accessories, which can be line matched to a manufacturer’s suite of products or selected individually. Either way, the right accessories will help pull the entire room together while making it user-friendly and uniform. Your lavish new kitchen and bathroom deserves special touches. Blackman has everything you need to put the final stamp on two of the most important rooms in the house.

Types of Kitchen Accessories

Your investment requires premier kitchen accessories; they should not be overlooked in the final kitchen design. Used properly, they add a new layer of style and function to the space. The expert consultants at Blackman understand this and can lead you toward the right kitchen accessories, such as:

  • Rail systems from Franke that allow you to position bowls and other necessary items right where you need them
  • Soap dispensers in a style and finish to match your kitchen faucet
  • Water dispensers that deliver hot or cold filtered water
  • Drain and cutting boards that can help protect your counter and make your sink more user friendly
  • Various towel bars and towel rings

Types of Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories help you interact better with your bathroom. They allow for more organization and staging opportunities while also keeping everything within reach. The design experts at Blackman know their importance and how to create a style that matches the trim of your faucets and shower valves. The result is a bathroom that is as fashionable as it is functional. Choose from accessories, such as:

  • Heated towel rails: Warm extra long towels and robes.
  • Shower curtain rods: New curved designs allow for increased space within the shower area.
  • Shelves: Create extra space and functionality within your new bathroom.
  • Mirrors and medicine cabinets: Primp in style. Everything’s within reach. We also offer mirrors that are fog-free.
  • Toilet tissue holders: Don’t skimp on this key item, designed to perfectly match.
  • Robe hooks: Conveniently hang and dry those robes every morning.
  • Toothbrush holders: Even this important item can match the style of your new bathroom.
  • Shower baskets: Shampoos, conditioners and soaps are all within reach.

Complete your perfect kitchen or bath by coming into a Blackman showroom today. We’ll help you explore the abundant amount of accessories to perfectly match your new kitchen and bathroom.